What is OneLink?

Duke OneLink is a service that allows the broader Duke community to sign in to select Duke online systems in lieu of a Duke NetID.

OneLink requires registration so that Duke can associate your OneLink credentials to a new or existing Duke account. This account can then be accessed by registering one of the following types of OneLink credentials:

  • OneLink External: You can choose to link your Duke identity to a social account (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Yahoo). This registration process requires you to sign in to your existing social account so that Duke can store a unique identifier associating that account with your Duke record, allowing you to use that account to sign in to OneLink services in the future. The unique identifier is the only account information we will associate with your Duke information; we will never associate other social account information with your Duke record.
  • OneLink ID: If you prefer to have a separate username and password to sign in to OneLink supported services, you may create a new set of credentials through the OneLink ID process.
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