Why can’t I specify what I am searching for?

Our search function captures most of the key biographical fields of our user profiles, this functionality also breaks apart the data and offers up filters or facets of some fields.

Current Facets:

  • Contact me about - Users available for advice on several topics
  • Industry - Industry of the user or company for which they currently work
  • Current Employer - Employers that currently have Duke alumni workers
  • Current Job Title - Job Titles that Duke Alumni currently list on their profile
  • Class year - Preferred or graduation year from Duke Schools
  • Regional & Affinity Groups - Community of users based on region or a similar interest e.g. Duke Black Alumni, Duke LGBTQ
  • Degree - Degrees obtained by alumni
  • Majors, Minors, and Programs - Majors/Minors, Certificates, and Programs completed by Duke Alumni at a Duke School
  • School - Listing of Duke Schools
  • City - Cities across the world that contain Duke Alumni
  • State - States or territories across the world that contain Duke Alumni (Washington, DC is best found as "District of Columbia" in this filter
  • Country - Countries that contain Duke Alumni

Our search function and page will be continually undergoing enhancement over the coming year, so please continue to check back as we make improvements to this feature.

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