Staff access to the alumni directory

Duke Alumni website staff access policy
Last revision: 8/8/2016

Access to the Duke Alumni website is granted to a limited number of Duke University staff who have alumni engagement within the scope of their job responsibilities.  The purpose of this access is to support information needs of staff in the areas of:
  • up to date information on alumni activities and information
  • individual alumni contact information
  • understanding of online services and engagement opportunities available to alumni
Sign in access requests are reviewed on a case by case, weekly basis by the Duke Alumni Affairs leadership team.  Staff will be notified within 1-2 weeks of their request whether it is granted.   When a staff member is granted access, they agree to notify the Duke Alumni Affairs office if and when their position changes to one that doesn’t have alumni engagement within their job scope.
The Duke Alumni website, and the alumni directory in particular, are not meant to take the place of functionality provided by DADD/Enquire. Therefore, the following activities are prohibited uses of the staff access service: 
  • Contacting alumni for purposes other than Duke University business
  • Verifying Duke academic data

Additionally, staff are not allowed to share any alumni information found in the Alumni Directory (contact information, employer, etc.) with students.  Doing so is not only a violation of the staff access agreement, but of the terms of use and privacy policy for Duke Alumni.

Limited student access to the Alumni Directory will be available in calendar 2016. Until access for students is turned on in the site, alumni do not have the option to adjust privacy settings. Once student access is enabled alumni will be provided with privacy options allowing them to control student access to their information. Until that point, alumni do not have the ability to opt out of students contacting them.

Please email if you have any questions regarding this policy.
To request access to the Alumni Directory, please complete the staff access request form.


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