Follow update 1.0.13

Update 1.0.13 applied to on 5/25/2016

Fixes and improvements:

  • Added an on-screen notification to the user if they have both their email address and phone number set to hidden AND have chosen 'contact me about' terms to be displayed to other alumni.  If this is the case, the notification will let them know that they won't be able to be reached by alumni searching the directory. 

  • Added 'Professional Associations' field to the 'Professional' tab of the profile

Add or edit window:

and Display in the Professional tab of the profile:

  • Add link in Group members tab to point to search for that group's members

  • Fixes for jobs to be displayed in the profile header for the user
  • Improved (eg. friendlier) error pages (e.g. )
  • Add an additional Linkedin import button in the profile.  Previously there was only a button under the 'Professional' tab.  Adding a button in the profile header has doubled usage of this feature.


  • Indicate date of Linkedin import in the profile
  • Fix for search results showing multiple commas
  • Add message for students who try to sign in
  • Improved the search all page by adding people results in the side column


If you see that any of these issues (or others) persist, please submit a ticket or call us at 919-684-5114.

This update was built during Sprint 29

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