Follow update 1.0.15

Update 1.0.15 applied to on 6/8/2016

Fixes and improvements:

  • Cleaned up duplicate data for about 35k users. This was a big challenge we faced since launch: the initial import of all alumni created duplicate data in multiple fields, and defining and removing these duplicates was a time-consuming and processing-intensive task.  The team built some new scripts to define and clean up which allowed us to fix the issue. 
  • Removed certificates from displaying in the profile header.  Our initial design did not call for certificates to be displayed, and yet they made their way into the header by accident.  The site is primarily for alumni with degrees from Duke; intending to keep the design clean and purposeful we only show name and degree information in the first line of the profile header.
  • Leadership listings in groups can now link to users
  • All class years available in search

  • Step Children, Grand Children, and Children are listed in profiles
  • Security additions made in the back-end
  • All individuals classified as Duke alumni are now included in the Directory and have profiles.
    The Duke University Trustees define all individuals who have completed 2 or more semesters in a degree-granting program at Duke University as alumni.

If you see that any of these issues (or others) persist, please submit a ticket or call us at 919-684-5114.

This update was built during Development Sprint 31

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