Follow update 1.0.17

Update 1.0.17 applied to on 6/22/2016

  • A fix for profile header names for some alumni in which the name was incorrectly wrapping

What this looked like before:

and now with the fix:

  • Class year filters in the directory search were not functioning correctly, and were fixed. Specifically, adding and then removing a class year filter would not update the search parameters.
    What this means is that you can now filter by multiple class years, as in the first image below, and then remove a class year, as in the second image, and the search results will update.

  • Linkedin image import issue fixed
  • Aliases for URL addresses cleaned up
  • Fix for broken group links
  • Cleanup of backend database tables

If you see that any of these issues (or others) persist, please submit a ticket or call us at 919-684-5114.

This update was built during Development Sprint 33

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