Roadmap for

 Last revised 1/05/2018

June 2016

New graduates invited into


July 2016

Release 1.1 - Updates to Groups on

  • Established process for new group creation
  • Ability for alumni to follow/subscribe to groups in which they are not members
  • Restore and improved editing of names


August 2016

Working on search, performance, student access


September 2016

Release 1.2 - Announcement to all alumni

  • Invitation to the new site
  • Notification of terms of service change


October 2016

Student access opened up on

  • Students can sign in to the site
  • Students can search the directory
  • Students can contact alumni via webform
  • Privacy settings in place for alumni


November-December 2016

Enhancements to:

  • Communications
  • Groups
  • Linkedin profile connection
  • Student experience


January 2017

Worked on groups and search

  • changed the way group membership is saved
  • changed text options in search facets
  • ability to search for members in a group
  • career coach page filtering


February 2017

Employment and LinkedIn improvements


March-April 2017

Enhancements to performance and page load time


May 2017

Ability to search events and promoting the Duke Alumni app


June-August 2017

Focus on bug fixes, Drupal cleanup and performance


September 2017-February 2018

Investigating, planning and constructing the first phase of the new group functionality


March 2018

The first phase of groups launches


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