Cvent Template Update 1.0.3

Update 1.0.3 applied to 2016 Simple Paid Event Template and 2016 Simple Free Event Template between 9/1/2016 - 10/31/2016.



  • Added a "follow" link in the header so alumni can follow DAA's Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.



  • Added quotation marks around the title of the invitation and invitation reminder emails.
  • Deleted addition recipients on Modification Confirmation emails for the paid template.
  • Deleted addition recipients on Cancellation Confirmation emails for the free template.
  • Changed the text of the cancellation confirmation email for paid events only.



  • Added an image placeholder to the invitation emails.
  • Added a bulleted list placeholder to the invitation, registration confirmation and event reminder emails. This will keep uniform styling across all mail clients/platforms.


You can find the cvent template design guidelines at

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