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Update 1.1.0 applied to on 7/30/2016


External education

  • External education is back in the profile, and is split out by high school, certificates, and higher education

Name editing

  • Alumni can now edit their name (this has been turned off for months)
  • The name edit form (screenshot below) connects to two names in DADD:  the ‘Goes by’ and the ‘Fullname’
  • The Development office ran a process late last week that copied all first names in DADD ‘Fullname’ to first name in ‘Goes by’ if it was blank.  This means that ‘Nickname’ column in an Enquire list will be filled in for most alumni


  • In the background, the team replaced the entire back-end code for groups, a necessity to let us expand and enhance the group functionality
  • Alumni now have the ability to ‘Follow’ a group, which will be equivalent to subscribing to the group’s emails.  This will add an opt-code to their DADD record.  For example, I can’t be a member of Duke NY because I have a Durham address, but can now follow:


If you see that any of these issues (or others) persist, please submit a ticket or call us at 919-684-5114.

This update was built during Development Sprint 37



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