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Update 1.1.9 applied to on 12/07/2016. This was a 3 week sprint due to the Thanksgiving holiday.


  • The goal of this sprint was to continue to focus on cleaning up data and getting faster data responses from the Network.
    • People Search was rebuilt. It has the ability to filter and provide more accurate results much faster than the old search.
    • Upgraded all modules to their recommended versions.
    • Updated Drupal Core for security issues.
    • Fixed LinkedIn imports that were failing for several users. This was very important as we were preparing to send out thousands of emails encouraging the use of this feature for The New York Times promotion.
  • We've launched The New York Times promotion. This was promoted in the December Blue Note and sent out to 120,000 alumni. It entails the alum to import their LinkedIn career information on their Duke alumni profile in the Network in exchange for an 8-week digital subscription to The New York Times.

  • For internal testing purposes, we've added a visual indicator to all testing environments so the user knows that they are on a non-production site. This will help prevent users confusing production with a non-production site and potentially making dangerous changes to prod by accident.

  • Minor CSS fixes


If you see that any of these issues (or others) persist, please submit a ticket or call us at 919-684-5114.

This update was built during Development Sprint 46

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